You can choose to pay with either you PayPal account or a major credit card. Most gift cards cannot be accepted. Also, we do not have the ability to split payments.

We use PayPal for all of our transactions to maintain the highest level of security for all of our customers. We are set up with an "authorize and capture" type of transaction system through PayPal. This is useful because sometimes we have to order the parts from our distributor since we cannot possibly keep every part Toyota makes in stock. Sometimes, incorrect parts are selected by the customer, and we need to swap them out for the correct part. This transaction method allows us to do this when there is a small price difference between those parts.

"Authorization & Capture, or Auth/Capture, allows you to authorize the availability of funds for a transaction but delay the capture of funds until a later time. This is often useful for merchants who have a delayed order fulfillment process. Authorize & Capture also enables merchants to modify the original authorization amount due to order changes occurring after the initial order is placed, such as taxes, shipping or gratuity."

When you place an order with us, you are authorizing the funds. No transaction has taken place. This may show up on your account as a transaction, but the funds have merely been placed on hold. Once the part is shipped to you, the transaction takes place and the funds are transferred. Sometimes, because the authorization and the capture of the funds takes place within a couple of days of each other, you may notice that two transactions are present on your account. This is because the authorization has not dropped off yet. Once the parts are shipped and we have captured the funds, the authorization will drop off within the next 1-2 business days. You will be left with only one transaction on your statement. If it does not, feel free to contact us and we will resolve the issue.