Roman hooked me up with some great prices on a few items and provided great customer service. Even with shipping costs, he was well below what I would have paid locally. Very helpful on the phone and provide quick quotes via e-mail that are also your order form. Couldn't have been easier.

Thank you again Roman!

Roman is simply outstanding. I wanted to get a TRD Pro grill for my wife's 2014 Tundra and I needed it to be paint matched to Attitude Black. Not only did Roman reply with the info I needed to get it done, but he replied almost immediately. I highly recommend Roman and if I ever need anything in the future I know exactly who I'll be talking to. A+ service.
Roman delivers fantastic customer service. I ordered floor mats for my Camry and he took the time to contact me to inform me that Toyota darkened the color from the original version when the car was new. He wanted to make sure that I still wanted to proceed with the order before shipping them. It is refreshing in this day in age (especially with on-line ordering) that someone is willing to take the extra step to ensure a happy customer.
I am writing you to share an experience I had with your dealership, specifically one of your parts department employees, Roman Cobb.

I will start with who I am and how I discovered Toyota Of Cool Springs. I am a 29 year old Toyota enthusiast who lives in Pennsylvania. After locally purchasing a new 2014 Tundra, I became a member of a few online forums targeted at Tundra owners. I frequently join forums like that to learn more about the truck and to use the forum as a resource if I need information about the vehicle, etc. After the press release regarding the 2015 Tundra TRD Pro came out, myself as well as a lot of other 2014 Tundra owners on the forums were interested in purchasing the differently styled TRD Pro front grill. While browsing the forum, TundraTalk.net, I saw a thread in which a bunch of guys were raving about Roman from Toyota of Cool Springs. I thought it was very unique that a dealership would be involved with a forum. I used to work in the service department at a local dealership and I can say I never saw any parts department employees motivated to make sales. It certainly seemed that Roman was putting time and effort into making sales on the forum, and with all the positive feedback I saw about him, I decided I would buy from him when it became available.

Once it became available I messaged Roman and placed the order to have it shipped to me in PA. It was shipped out right away and arrived at my door quickly. Unfortunately, someone at UPS had stepped on the box, causing significant damage to one of the grills. Once I saw the damage, I instantly felt sick. At first, I thought I made a mistake by buying from an out of state dealership that I knew nothing about when I could have bought it at the dealership I used to work at, which is where I bought my truck. I was worried the situation wouldn’t be made right and I would be stuck with a cracked grill, much regret, and an upset wife who would never forget about my expensive bad decision.

I quickly wrote Roman a message explaining the situation through the forum, it was late at that time, and I didn’t expect a reply until the following business day. I was shocked to see a reply from Roman within minutes. He related he would initiate a claim with UPS and would keep me updated. First thing the next morning he sent me a message relating he started the claim and I would be contacted by UPS. I was upset with the situation UPS put us in, and I contacted Roman on numerous occasions, at all different hours. Roman maintained excellent communication with me and replied to all of my questions at times that I know he wasn’t working. Right away I knew I could trust Roman, and I knew things would work out, and they did. I wasn’t very impressed with UPS, there damage claim system, or their customer service, but I can not say enough good things about Roman and the way he handled the situation.

I know I am all the way up here in Pennsylvania, but I can tell you that I will do the best I can do to strengthen your dealership’s online reputation, and I will order from Roman again, even if it isn’t most convenient for me. He truly went above and beyond, and I have so much respect for him and Toyota Of Cool Springs. I have already expressed my thanks to Roman, but I felt it necessary to let you know how well he represented your dealership.

Thank you.

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